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About Us


We, the three members of Littlewaaand team welcome you to our shop. Let's start by telling you something about us. We are a fantastic team- one of us wants to live far away from WiFi and technology, other two are technical experts, one of us is the only creator of this beautiful items and other two have zero knowledge about crocheting and last but not the least, one is indolent(it's me, Debdipta) while the other two are always thriving with energy and searching for what to do next! So you see, we are a bizarre  combination but we are fabulous when united. We achieved this with a great deal of passion, one had the passion to create new things, one had the passion to expand his knowledge by helping his aunt's business and the other one had the passion to make her mother's dream come true (and try a hand at business also! LOL!). We won't say that come and trust us, trust what we say about our products, NO....... We are saying that if you think you can trust what we say, then only believe in us. Our creator Barnali's love and passion for her crochet projects at first startled me, I had no idea that someone could that much love her hobby. Right, she loves it from her childhood. But, then we thought of spreading this love all over the world and our Littlewaaand team was created. After few months our tech-savvy junior member Jishnu joined us. At first we 2 were the team and don't know when the team expanded and he became our main website developer! We love that you visited us....

P.S. What's in the name?

The crochet hook is the little wand (Littlewaaand), with which these beautiful items are crocheted.

Thank you very much for visiting our shop!

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